Our Programs

ShelterTech's programs are designed to support the underserved community experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity through WiFi connectivity and access to online resources.

ShelterTech offers the following programs:

SF Service Guide

SF Service Guide

The SF Service Guide is an online directory of human services in San Francisco that launched in November 2019 and currently serves 1,500 unique monthly users. The directory's focus is on homelessness and housing services but also covers a variety of other services, from education and legal aid to senior services and re-entry programs. Our goal is to help anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer find the services they need.

SF Service Guide is supported by a grant from the SF Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development and verified for accuracy by our data partner, the Homeless Advocacy Project of the JDC.

Shelter Connect


The ShelterConnect program works with partners to deliver a free, turn-key WiFi solution for shelters and transitional housing facilities. ShelterConnect is proud to provide over 4,000 people a year with daily internet access in over 20 local shelters and resource centers.

We focus on identifying strategies to reduce the lifetime program cost for wiring a shelter. The three primary costs are:

  • Equipment and licensing
  • Installation labor
  • Ongoing ISP charges

In 2019 we established a partnership with the City of San Francisco Digital Equity team to deliver 1GB fiber/ISP capability to future ShelterConnect locations at no cost. Working with partners, ShelterConnect has implemented free WiFi solutions at over 20 locations including the Star Hotel, Mission Hotel, MSC-South, and ten locations managed by Larkin Street Youth Services.

Community Development

Community Representative Program

ShelterTech collaborates with Community Representatives who have experienced homelessness to engage with volunteers, help build program awareness, and gain insight to inform our programs and products. Community Representative are key participants in the following events:

  • Datathons are public events where volunteers from the community help verify data in the SF Service Guide
  • Outreach events in partnership with local frontline service organizations help connect underserved communities with needed resources
Volunteer Spotlight
Laura Barrera-Vera
Program Manager, SF Service Guide
I moved to San Francisco in 2019 and immediately decided to join ShelterTech as I felt compelled to take action to address the worsening homelessness crisis. As Product Lead, I have focused on managing product development and on improving collaboration across all key teams to ensure we build an impactful product.